What is Social Media Marketing and How to use it?

SMM or Social Media Marketing- is a Paid Practice which includes Promoting your content on Social Media by spending money on Advertisements, which includes Social Media Advertisements, Influence Marketing etc.
After Search Engine, Social Media is the second large medium from which you can gain much more traffic. As I have experienced in my Blogging Career, I have an Entertainment website Which is ranked on Search Engine in just 45 Days with White hat SEO and the initial traffic that I covered and ranked my website in Search Engine is using only Social media. Before organic traffic, 65% of my total traffic was from social media and 85% of that social traffic was only from Pinterest social media.
What is Social Media Marketing
What is Social Media Marketing
Before we start in detail info about Social Media Marketing it is must to understand how to sort it

So let’s categorize this Medium:

Social Media Categories
Social Media Categories
As you can see in the image above there are major three categories mention with their example each.

Social Publishing:

In this category, the content published can be seen any time and it does not expire with time always visible for you and your user. Lets, for example, consider when you post on YouTube or blog post and leave it published. After a month or after a year you can search it via the search engine, or in blog/YouTube search. The fact is your post will have a long lifespan until you delete it.

Social Networking:

In this category when you post for example on Facebook then the maximum lifespan of a Facebook post is 1 day after you or your user can not see it. as you have to share it again or post it again. This means as in social networking like Facebook, LinkedIn the original content is shared from YouTube and blogs, where you get traffic but the post-life is not much longer as blogs.

Photo Social Networking:

Basically Social Networking with Photos only like Instagram and Pinterest you have a major focus on image and less on description or link. Here text is limited with the image so other functions are similar to Social Networking just the main factor is an image so it is known as Photo Social Networking category.

As in SMO we use to share post manually and or Schedule using tools. Same in SMM we have to design post but we are taking help of money to market our brand at major platforms to more crowd/people that we can not reach directly by using SMO only.

Now, let’s move forward to the channels which are used for our business here on social media.

Here are that 6 channels for any social media:

  1. Branded Channel.

  2. Closed Communities.

  3. influence  Out-rich.

  4. Co-Creation.

  5. Social Selling.

  6. Customer Service.

1. Branded or Brand Channel:

Brand Channel is nothing but having a social media presence in form of account, Business, page or anything that shows you are present on Social Media. This helps you as a website on the web, and with that particular identity, you can promote your business here on social media.

2. Closed Communities:

Close Communities are nothing but it’s your social reach by creating your own group. Here you can add your regular customers and let them discuss what they think about your business product improvement, faults and much more. You can share new product arrived, New offer discount Code, or celebrate any event with your loyal customers in that close community.
Social Media Marketing or SMM Flowchart
Social Media Marketing or SMM Flowchart

3. Influencer Out-Rich:

Influencer or Influence Out-rich is nothing taking benefit of Brand Name. For example any famous Film actor is having a social account and you ask him to post your brand or company ads on his wall, then what will happen just because he posted about you lots of audiences will get to know about your company name and this will go viral because of his FAN following because some of them will circulate it on their wall also, which will give you a chain reaction type non stop brand hammering to public. Influence marketing is the same as Viral Marketing.

4. Co-Creation:

Co-creation is using someone else audience or FAN following for your product or service. For example, you know a YouTuber that share videos about the same service or product you have and he has a huge FAN following. Now you convince him and ask for promotion like showing your product direct or indirectly and making a stamp in his audience mind so that whenever they think about any service/ product related to your one then they will call your business because they trust the person whom they follow, and this is how you get some new market to sell.

5. Social Selling:

Social Selling is not selling your brand but actual real simple and Measurable Social Media Marketing Channel. Nowadays most of the social Medias are ready to serve you more and more brand promotion with very little cost in return, For example you might have seen any company Image or Video on your news feed because according to your interest Facebook show you an advertisement with one annotation in it which is shown as ‘sponsored’. Whenever you see something like this it is 100% an advertisement. Same like this if you don’t know or don’t want to use other types as given above then this is the right option for you as this option works on interest basis and show your ad to the right person.

6. Customer Service:

Using your Social Media as your customer service center. Nowadays what happen whenever any business provides any product or service and if it fails to satisfy their customers exceptions then customer wants to get in touch with the company but the procedure is like call to customer care they are always busy and mail to customer reply come to spam folder and much more difficulties, and it is really hard for companies to manage customer queries on email and call. So Social Media is a right platform where you can give customer service to your customers as well as you can monitor what other people are saying about your business and social media is a very very good place to manage your ORM Online Reputation Management.

Social Media Optimization SMO and Social Media Marketing SMM are somehow same to each other just in SMM you have to pay for getting your business to reach more people in less time 

This is what SMM called, But how to use different Social Media as SMM we will discuss in Next article with each Media Separately. Please comment your opinion and let me know you are reading this and like it or not. Your Feedback is like medicine for us.

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