What is Off Page SEO and how it works?

As in previous sections we have seen What is SEO? and What is On page SEO? now we are going to see what is Off Page SEO?

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Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO- is a practice done outside the web-pages in order to improve the web-pages ranking in search results of a search engine. This includes submission of web-pages to webmaster, directories, and linking the URL to the high DA PA web-pages.

That is On page SEO performs its action in web pages, to enhance SEO ranking, the Off-page SEO works outside the website, for example, promotion of post link, creating backlinks of a website to another website or blogs, social media commenting, etc. image below might clear this.
what is Off Page SEO?
What is Off Page SEO?
When you are ready with your website and now its time to think how to promote it then off page SEO is the best technique, because nowadays there are number of websites available online that means there is a lot of competition in the world and search engine will not come to your site as there are already many sites with higher ranking present in their database.
So don’t worry it does not mean that your site will never make any rank position. That’s why this technique will going to help you that how can your website come to the top page.
But as just promotion and backlinking off-page SEO is not just about links. Actually, it starts with a link and become a huge topic. As you can see in the above image Off-page SEO tree and having different branches of Book Marking, Content Marketing, Social Marketing, Articles, Blogs etc.
So let’s start with the first topic: 
1. Blogging: If you know what is blogging actually then you are one step ahead and if not then don’t worry I will define in short “Blogging is nothing but another website platform just it has free domain, free hosting and you can post your ideas, knowledge and share it with the world like social media but like a website, you can buy your own domain and link to your blog”. This is what I define in my language you can learn in deep from the Internet.
Writing a blog.
Writing a blog
So how blogging helps to promote your website? , as I already mention blogs are free hosted that means that are hosted by Google actually (talking about blogger) and Google can easily accept links from blogs as it is already designed with google rules and regulations.
You can use blogs for posting your company event, your service description, general knowledge to aware your customers related to your services, your services achievements. etc.
while writing these things you can mention your brand name, company name, company link, landing page link, and much more…
To blog is equal to
To blog is equal to
Then engaging your users with your content, posting your blog link to other blogs comment by appreciating their content, asking for reviewing popular blogger to analyze your blog, asking for promoting your blog via their blogs, replying comments that posted on your blog and just keeping up to date.
2. Article Submission: You might have read newspaper articles, yes this is what am talking about, but wait, you do not have to publish your article to any newspaper, actually writing and publishing your article means sharing your knowledge with references and in that articles you add some keywords related to your services and then link those keywords to your landing pages. Hmm, this is off page article submission means. (article must relate with your keywords and your keywords must relate to your services).
Article Submission
Article Submission
There is a number of the website available who accept free articles review it and then publish on their site, you need to read their rules and then submit an article, before submitting please check that website is having more ranking in the world as well as in your country region. Awareness about these things makes you much smart that when you put your link in any website may affect as link spamming.
As I have mentioned above a backlink is there behind one keyword “Blogging” that is I submitted one article to my LinkedIn profile and as it is very much similar to the keyword as well as the content I put  a backlink of my article to this blog and also a backlink of this blog to the same article.
3. PDF Submission: Blogging done, Article submission done, now let’s move to the next thing that is PDF submission. This technique is very much similar to article submission, just you submit your article in the form of PDF file to the PDF submission websites with the same rules and techniques. PDF submission make you available offline for your users, how? let us see.. for example, You type your article or any useful knowledgeable article with proper quality backlinks (quality backlinks are also backlinks but these links are of proper landing pages, exactly similar to the keyword you applied, and much of similar to content you assigned with it). Now when user searches and download your PDF from PDF submission site then the user can read your article carry your article and share your article with their friends. Then to know more they can click and come to your landing pages. This is what I called the power of PDF also important
Importance of PDF submission
Importance of PDF submission

4. Social Marketing: Sharing your content or page URL with proper hashtags on social media platform is called social marketing of your website. We will see more about this in another blog post on SMO and SMM.

5. Directory Submission: Directories Submission is like listing your Business to any register. As we know there is a telephone directory where we can get anybody’s number and contact him. Business Directories like Google my Business that is Google MAP and Just Dial are Top listing in India who helps the customer to find the shop/business of their use. If you are not listed here then you are just behind the time now. If you are worried about how to list your business then don’t worry I will explain this topic in a later post in detail.
Free web submission
Free web submission for submitting your website
6. Image Sharing: This is quite similar to Social Media Sharing you can make an Info-graphic Image ( which explain the whole process in one image step by step). You find some on Pinterest and Google and you can share your image on Pinterest which is also effective to bring more traffic to your website, one rule is same here that image must be related to your website content.
Image promotion technique
Using Pinterest for info-graphic traffic

7. Video sharing:  Sharing your company video or a video educating or which may increase the curiosity of your customer and or which can increase the interest of your customer and insist them to visit your website. There is some video sharing platform like social media, YouTube, DailyMotion etc.

Off page SEO is successful only if your On Page SEO is Good and you are using valid techniques as per the rules for off page SEO

Off Page SEO Facts to Notice
Off Page SEO Facts to Notice


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