What is Email Marketing and How it can Help to your business?

What is E-Mail Marketing?

E-mail Marketing is an act or practice of Sending Commercial or Business Email typically to the single or group of people in order to grab their attention to your Product or service and let them stay updated with your service or offer an update.

Email Marketing sometimes it sounds like the heart of Digital Marketing, may you do not agree now but its how you can convert your visitors into your loyal and longtime paying customers. Email Marketing is only one thing in Digital Marketing which gives you more than 100% returns on your investment. Sometimes returns become near about 500% the investment.
What is Email Marketing and How it can Help ?
What is Email Marketing and How it can Help?
So what is actually an Email Marketing ? and how you should use it in your business so that you also get the high returns on your investment.
ROI return on investment in Digital Marketing
ROI return on investment in Digital Marketing

let’s start with the basic question:

In other Words E-mail Marketing is:

E-mail Marketing nothing but capturing your customers by sending them offers and remind them to buy from their cart. Sometimes you just send an introduction mail to a group of people who have subscribed to get updates from you. Sometimes that mails are about offers for your customers who often buy from you. It also includes transaction emails showing the invoice of their purchase. Last but not least the Conversion emails, which are sent to your visitors and let them open and opt-in that emails and if they like then send them the next mail, by this, you offer them your product with some kind of offer and they are likely to buy it.

Now you must have a question in your mind that there are so many customers in the market and do you have to send them emails on your own? then the answer is NO. There are some software in market who helps you to organize your email list and create some templates and format in which you want to send your email, and the rest work will be done by that software just by scheduling your emails and giving command to that software that whenever someone opens your email send him the next one.
Here is one Disclaimer for Email Marketing, please do not use or buy Email Database because this will cause loss to you. When you buy and just send your offers to all of them in bulk it happens that many of them Email owners do not need your service and the can block your email, and if the number of times your Email get blocked then your email will be received in spam box to each receiver.
So I will suggest you please build your own email list by using subscribe opt-in or popup to your website, this will give you slowly but a loyal result customer who is more likely to buy your service than other.

What are the types of E-mail Marketing?

Generally, we called it types of E-mail in E-mail Marketing, each mail plays different roles in each category, here are some of them.
  1. Transactional Emails.

  2. Direct Mail.

What are the types of E-mail Marketing ?
What are the types of E-mail Marketing?

1. Transactional Emails : 

This mail contains invoice email, Thank you email, Transactional emails mail are used by all of us as a proof of successful transaction.
The primary purpose of a transactional email is to convey information regarding the action that triggered it. But, due to their high open rates (51.3% compared to 36.6% for email newsletters), transactional emails are an opportunity to introduce or extend the email relationship with customers or subscribers; to anticipate and answer questions, or to cross-sell or up-sell products or services.

2. Direct Email :

Direct email involves sending an email solely to communicate a promotional message (for example, a special offer or a product catalog). Companies usually collect a list of customer or prospect email addresses to send direct promotional messages to, or they rent a list of email addresses from service companies.
Direct Emails include solo promotion/Group promotional Mails. Sending newsletter about new product or service you launched, offering some coupon code regarding any festival offer, or offering some extra purchase discount off the item that your customers have left in their cart and did not buy.
These two are major types of Emails in Email Marketing under that we can call the subtypes like invoice, promotional, newsletter, cart info, password reset, and so on…

How E-mail Marketing Works (process):

As we have seen above a short intro about what is Email Marketing and its major types, hope you have understood and have a little bit idea that what is Actual Email Marketing. Now let’s see how to proceed to send Email to customers and get your business done.
Remember even though Email Marketing gives maximum ROI as compared to others but only when you have the contact list of your customers who have given their email to you by anyhow they have shown interest to receive your emails.
Process of Sending an Email in Email Marketing
The process of Sending an Email in Email Marketing
While using Email prefer to use some paid online agencies as they provide very valuable services than free software, I will suggest having a team especially for Email Marketing as it is the one which will personally define your business to your customer and they most likely to buy from email.
Step 1 : 
Many Email Marketing tools provide campaign services and they have their templates designed you can use them or can create your own. A good template with proper relevant title and image with an opt-in the button with last but not the least an Unsubscribe button for your customer. Sometimes it happen that any of your customer database is not interested in your service and if they do not see any unsubscribe option they might block you permanently or complaint against you. This will cause your email to be received in spam box rather than an inbox, and every time you send an email please check that your emails are going to the inbox of your customers not in spam box by sending a prior email to your own another email use.
Step 2 : 
Check your Template and the opt-in button you have given in Email, sometimes template looks good in desktop mode but not in mobile mode and vice versa. And regard with this when you put your landing page link check that link is working or not, the image quality you have used in the email. The email list you have build and how many of them are real contacts, you can find the tool to check that email list you have is off working or false emails. This is very important to know that the emails you have sent must get received otherwise this will cause your email bounce rate to increase, and some other checkpoints like-Text used and small things like grammar mistakes etc.
Step 3 : 
As of now all set and you know everything is all correct, that your emails are true, your template is working, your call to action button is working, you have an unsubscribe button at last, and your email receives in the inbox, not in the spam box. Then you can send the email to your customer database or you can just schedule it on one date. It depends on when your customers are likely to free to open your emails and the occasion you are targeting.
Step 4 :
After sending emails to check how much emails get opened, and how much of them clicked on the button given in that email. This will help to calculate the sales occurred through Email Marketing as compare to other Marketing.
Step 5 :
This is the final step to measure and create a report about the actual mail sent, bounce rate, how many people opened that emails, how many people unsubscribe, etc. After collecting this report compare and build a new strategy for the new campaign.
Summary :
Up-to-now you might have got an idea about Email Marketing and the steps to follow in Email Marketing, let us summarize and know the strategy for using Email Marketing for your business.
Email Marketing Strategy 2019
Email Marketing Strategy 2019
To operate in Email Marketing we need a Campaign, to run a campaign we need a Campaign objective what we want to achieve?
To the campaign, we have to decide some key performing indexes so that we can reach our campaign goals. Which points will help us more and which not, filter them all which not work for us.
Professionally designed emails for this we need a team to do this work, as of every business have its own SEO team same then Email Marketing is the most imp part of Digital Marketing then why not a professional team for this also.
Professionally designed landing pages- this is also necessary to have what you have mentioned in the email, if you can not fulfill the requirements on landing pages you are not going to sell your service to your customer so make sure to have a good landing page.
Contact list management, as we have discussed above that your database must be your own created from your website and customer have given you the opportunity to send them your emails, because buying customer database will not bring you high ROI and you will get disappointed. So take some effort and build your own contact list and check them all that all emails are working or not.
If you provide different service or you have old and new customers then filter out them and sent them different emails according to their interest, segmentation leads more likely to open the email as they are relevant to what they are expecting from you.
Website and CRM tool integration, Website is integrated into both ways by using landing page link in emails and an opt-in button on the website for subscription of a newsletter for any visitor it is must do so you can create your customer database. And the CRM tool helps you to manage all database.
Last but not least the report generation for all these Email Marketing strategies what you have used what the bring to as your ROI what mistakes you have done and just report to improve your next Email Campaign.
That’s all what an Email Marketing needs to have and what you can use for your business if you like this please let us know in the comment box and share this to your friends. than you.


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