What is Digital Marketing? a free course for learning

Before we start with “Digital Marketing” let us know short about Marketing. 

What is Marketing? :

Marketing is an action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
This definition is available on GOOGLE, but what I think is let make it simple, “Marketing is just a skill to put your product/service to the consumer such like he/she will like to buy it.”

Digital Marketing

is same marketing skill but here we use electronic media or a medium or channel in Digital form for eg. TV, Internet, Website, Social Media, Blog, Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, etc.
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
 As we can see in the image here you might have a question that TV and Radio are also Electronic medium but how they are included in Traditional Marketing right?
Yes, they are in Traditional Marketing because there are some factors that distinguish some media from Digital to Traditional.
You might have heard about a factor which makes this difference that is Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing, if not then don’t worry you can read it in another article in detail here.
So now we know about Marketing & Digital Marketing, so what’s next?
we are going to discuss here later on points given below:
Digital Marketing branches
Digital Marketing branches


  • Why Digital Marketing?
  • What is Inbound Marketing & Outbound Marketing?
  • What is SEO?
  • Types of SEO
  • What is SEM?
  • What is SMO?
  • What is SMM?
  • Career option in Digital Marketing
  • Money Making in Digital Marketing
If we try to sum up the digital marketing in one page then you can see in the image below
Digital Marketing in one page
Digital Marketing in one page

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