Top 9 Google Algorithm updates and its effect on Search Results in 2018

If you don’t know how Google Search Engine works while you put any query in the search box then you must read this article.

What is the Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithms- The key success of Google Search Engine, these algorithms helps Google Search Engine in such a way that whenever you search on Google then you will get the perfect result you are searching for.
Let us see how these Algorithms works and what are their policies they follow in order to achieve the perfect search result and why Google is known as the topmost search engine in the world.
Google Algorithms
Google Algorithms

9. Google Panda:

The latest version of Google Panda is designed for better search results for users. And Google Panda is as smart like it says “you should earn your rank ” means no SCAM will help you to get vast Users from the search result. Panda algorithm strictly avoids those sites that have copy content, that is no Plagiarism is allowed. They are too smart for that. Not just copy content but if you have lots of Ads in your content bothering the print-ability or readability of your page to the user then also your rank will not be increased. Panda update will be helpful to those who are having their original content because Google Webmaster will soon send copyright infringement emails to those who are using your copy content and maybe it is possible that Google blocks them if they don’t stop copying content.

Google Panda detail info
Google Panda detail info
The Google Panda Patent filed in 2012 and granted in 2014, states that if a website or a section of a website has an inbound link and related query for the site brand, then a ration will be created to modify the rank factor which either will be positive if both factors match good and will be negative if both factors do not match. In this case, if you have a back-link and no brand query then your rank will get decreased. Google is too smart that it only allows fair player means if you want to rank then create quality content do not copy, and engage your user on social media to increase your brand name/value. Do not go in the rush of  Back-linking your website. Once you have a quality content you will surely get back-links

8. Google Penguin:

Google Penguin was first introduced in 2012 and this was created to punish those who violate the search engine webmaster guidelines, now a day we call it black hat SEO. People who create lots of Back-links which are not related to their website used bots for linking, or provide unnatural back-linking keyword stuffing and over optimizing those Black hat SEO techniques were used to get high rank before Google Penguin Update.
Google algorithm Penguin Info
Google algorithm Penguin Info

By 25th MAY 2012 Google stated that around 3% of English search and 3% of other Language searches were affected due to Penguin update. Before Penguin update people were using negative keywords for ranking high in the google search result but after the Penguin and Panda Update Content has become the Power KEY to get ranked now. The Purpose of Google behind these update was to rank quality content for better search results for users and penalize those who do spam to get rank. But Google is not fully dependable upon Algorithms, it also uses Human review with algorithm review to collect the data and identify the artificial link building to create reports for websites.

7. Google Pirate:

Google Pirate was a Google search algorithm Filter introduced in 2012 for considering the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Google Pirate algorithm Detail Info
Google Pirate algorithm Detail Info
around 5 Billion Websites were removed or Banned by this act. Now you cannot rank with Copyrighted Content or if you have any Back link coming through Pirated website it might Harm your website.
It is no thief. You will find you-self thrown overboard if you are caught sharing pirated Content. Stay away from those websites having high copyright infringement complaints.
To avoid get block by Google Pirate avoid Paid Backlinks and Uploading pirated or copyright content. If you want to upload any content then give full credit to that owner and take legal permission so that if any case you get a DMCA notice you can file a counter-notice and Google will not take it as Bad notice.

6. Google Hummingbird:

Google introduced a search algorithm which helps search engine to provide an answer when a query is like what, when, who, how etc. The significant update given in 2013 was given a code-name by Google which was Hummingbird, Meaning Accurate and Fast.
Google hummingbird Algorithm Update
Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

Hummingbird place greater emphasis on natural language queries, considering the individual context meaning over the sentence/keyword.
It also looks into the website content to look for the better and relevant result for a user that just providing the home page URL to the user which we called it as our website landing page.
Thus Hummingbird encourages the developers and writers to write content for users only rather than writing your content full of Keywords and messing it up. This update really helped in both side who write for users and users who like to read the content. Thus by this big algorithm update by Googling it was very easy for search engine to show a human-friendly result and also help to give page authority for a good content site.

5. Google Pigeon:

Its a Home-buddy She Keeps it local. So you better get searched in your location and a better result on MAP. She likes when things are significant or Simple when shown it with your address and info. Yes, am talking about Google algorithm Pigeon, local SEO Algorithm.
Google Pigeon Algorithm info
Google Pigeon Algorithm info

The Google Pigeon is a code name given to an Algorithm update in Local search. It helps for better result user search for local business, or any other things, Google provide it with proper address info.

The purpose of this update by Google was not just working for user search but it also helped Local Business to get listed when some people search for their services. Google Pigeon helps local Business to get listed than other outside business when a local search is done by the user.

To enhance your Local SEO you need to have listed on Google my Business because the results shown are on the basis of how much your business is away from the user.

4. Google Mobilegeddon:

The name code Mobilegeddon for Google algorithm update for Mobile search is also known as Google Mobile-Friendly Algorithm. If you are online and you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then you might miss the 85% of your Customers now. while reading this post.
Google Mobilegeddon or Mobile Friendly Algorithm info
Google Mobilegeddon or Mobile Friendly Algorithm info
Google algorithm for Mobile Friendly website brings a new evolution in the online world by separating the search results for different devices. Today about 85% of users visit your website having mobile device if your website is mobile friendly. And if your technology is lagging for Mobile friendly website then get it done today because no matter how good you are in business you will not be visible for mobile users. It is a simple update. It made sure when you search from a mobile phone then the search result will be mobile friendly. If you want to rank for mobile users to get a responsive website now.

3. Google RankBrain:

One of the Google ultimate Algorithm having no trick to rank here. You can not do anything in this. Its total Artificial Intelligence-based, Google Developers said that “Human can guess any result near about 70% but the RankBrain Guess it about 80% however all tricks are hidden.
Google RankBrain Algorithm info
Google RankBrain Algorithm info

There are over 200 different ranking factors that make ups the ranking algorithm whose exact function in the Google algorithm is not fully disclosed.
The AI-based Algorithm RankBrain helps to speed up the algorithmic testing and allows Google to do keyword researched based on Human preference which makes the old method of False Rank Gaining Tricks ineffective and increase the chances of ranking the high-quality content in Google Search Results.
If RankBrain sees a word or phrase it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries or keywords.

2. Google Possum:

Google Possum is a Local Search Based Algorithm. You can say as a brother of Pigeon algorithm.  It helps a user to search the local result based on city location of a user who is searching for it. “The closer you are the higher you will”.
Google Possum Algorithm info
Google Possum Algorithm info

It means The closer your business is while searched the higher rank you get for that particular search. As he knows where you are and shows your result based on your location.

The update also helped Google to distinguish the General Search page result from Location Search page results.
Possum will rank you by using your location that how far and relaxed you are with the search happen by any user. If you are relevant and present in nearby streets you will get rank high, but you are relevant and present in a local nearby city then you will rank but somehow in the bottom line.
No one can cheat this Local SEO algorithm by putting multiple locations because it will show your original location only and skip the other locations you put in Google My Business. To keep rank high is not a more likely simple trick but if you belong to high rating with relevant search and the nearby location then am 100% sure you will rank high.

1. Google Fred:

Google Fred was the one of basic algorithm in all algorithm, the main work for Fred to do was to find out those websites which are just online to rank and earn money with no content relevancy.
Thus most of the bad spam and Good website got Banned by Google before 2017 Update and it was stated that it happened by mistake of the algorithm. Fred was used to doing the search in Websites and those website having lots of Ads and Affiliate Links with high rank although that website was providing some valuable content also but Fred Block them due to the massive Ads links.
This algorithm was known as “He is just smarter than your average Joe and he knows if you are selling him something.”
Fred boosted quality content with Low ads and slow down the website with lots of Ads in it.
But after the latest update on 2017 last year. Fred algorithm has been more wise and strong if you are really online to earn from ads then Google is not more interested in you without a Quality Content.
That’s it hope you like this article and please comment your opinion if you want I should improve it and how it helped you in your blogging career.

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