Top 14 Free Online Essential Digital Marketing Tools today for bloggers and business

As per the research done on Tools for Digital Marketing and used by the College of Digital Marketing in the journey of success are given below. These tools are either free or of some cheap cost. Most of the time we don’t know which tools to use while starting a career in an online platform as a Blogger or a Business. But I will make sure that you will find your useful tools here and all of them are trusted and used by the College of Digital Marketing.
Moving up towards the tools which are popular and easy to use most of them are powered by Google and Google never fails to brand itself in the network of user experience.
So let’s move to the tools directory:

1. Google Webmaster:  (free tool)

As Google is only one search engine which has more than 80% of users in this world using it as a primary search engine, so there is no doubt we should trust their tools. This tool helps you to List your website/Blog in Google Search Engine, Track the Behavior or page ranking, the number of times your web pages appeared in search, average rank of your website, click through rate for your impression this will describe that how many time your title become attractive and user clicked count. Not only the performance report but if you have any error like a server error, page not found, redirection problem, indexed pages, pages blocked by robot.txt everything about more than sufficient is guided and reported by Google Webmaster.

2. Google Trends:  (free tool)

Google trends tools is one of the popular tools which helps us in getting current trending topics, so in case you are a blogger or a business and the trending topic is one of you are related with then it might help you to choose the right keyword and then write about it to get a visiting traffic to your blog or business website. With this tool, you can use Google Keyword planner to choose the right keyword in your content. 

 3. Google Adword Keyword Planner: (free tool)

Google Keyword Planner tool is a part of Google AdWords where you can run your paid search ads known as SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This tool is free to use you just have to create an AdWords account with a property or website. Then you can access this tool for free for unlimited keywords. The best way to choose Keyword to rank early or fast is to choose those keywords having high popularity and low competition and to Get highly paid by Advertisements choose those Keywords with High CPC rates. Choosing Keywords is a tricky method so be specific and choose only relevant and long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are nothing but the Phrase Keywords length more than 3 words.

4. Google Analytic: (free tool)

Google Analytics is another free tool by Google, is used by tracking your work done and result in return. In short, you can track your ROI or Return on Investment, an investment may be time, money or both. As I said earlier Google is a most trusted partner so you used their tools for tracking as there is no competition between other tools and Google tools. Free Fast and reliable tools will be from Google always. Using Google Analytics you can measure your performance and if you link your other tools like webmaster, Adword to Analytics you can measure all things under one window isn’t it cool.
Google analytics helps you to measure your daily traffic, User type and behavior for more you can refer our post about Google Analytics.

5. Google Page Speed: (free tool)

Google Page Speed is a tool for websites to analyze their website loading time and the responsive structure. That is this tool gives points out of 100 and analyze your website for Desktop and Mobile friendliness so that how many chances you have to get rank in Google search rank for that particular Desktop results and Mobile results.

6. Google Blogger: (free tool)

Google Blogger that is Blogspot is a free platform to start a startup blog for anybody having a Gmail account. Not only personal but you can start a business blog for free and as its, a Google tool is always secure, fast and get more attention than other. You have some default themes by blogger itself but you can use some other templates and design your blog as a website as College of Digital Marketing is also on Blogger Platform.

7. Alexa Rank:  (free+paid tool)

Alexa is an Amazon product which is used for checking your website ranking in the world and local country. This tool is free for checking your site info like the ranking of a site, some backlink traffic coming to your website, and some similar sites like you have. To use and analyze more than this you need to get paid access. You also can get a week free trial for this tool to check if this tool useful for you or not.

8. SINIUM SEO Report: (free tool)

This tool is a master tool I have seen until now, you will see why am saying this when you visit this website. Sinium SEO tool lets you check most of the necessary info that you can check and easily rank your website. One of my blogs is getting traffic today from zero to 1.3k daily visitors within just 45 days of launching using this tool. The greater your score the better chance to rank on Google.

9. Nibbler: (free tool)

This tool is somehow the same as Sinium tool, as sinium gives you percentile view Nibbler gives you pointer view that is out of 10 scores. But as compared to Sinium I like this tool as it is much advance and updated. shows much more information than other tolls. Here you can analyze your website actual strengths and weaknesses. And also helps how and where to improve to get more score. The major factor this tool is different is that this tool is helpful in SEO and SMO score also.

10. SEM rush: (free+paid tool)

SEMrush is a Free tool to analyze your SEO report, Keyword Analysis, competitor analysis, and Social Media Analysis, but up to a limit. To access this tool in an unlimited manner you have to pay for it. I think you might like this tool once you use, but as a startup or beginner I suggest to use it for free and if you feel is relevant then go for the paid option. For business its a fabulous tool to use.

11. Similar Web: (free+paid tool)

A paid but much of the option are free here and so much comfortable tool for the beginner, once you experience I promise you cannot resist getting a paid version. For signup, you need to give a signup info like domain name and personal number. But once you signup and see the analysis result not only for your website but you can compare your site with 4 competitors at the same time and get the idea for which you need to improve to get more traffic.

12. SEO Quake: (Free Tool)

One another tool and the similar to the similar-web tool but the unique fact about SEO quake is its an extension for a browser. This means once you install it and whenever you visit any website your top bar of SEO quake will show you a short info like website rank, social media likes, pages listed and much more. If you don’t want to go and remind any tool and check for your competitors, just think of this tool and once you install it then you can analyze any website you visit. Not only when you visit but also when you search on google for any keyword then the result appearing on the search page is also analyze by this tool and every result is shown below the website address of search results available.

13. Canva: (free+paid tool)

As you start blogging, any Digital Marketing Business you get to know rather than using plain images using Info-graphics helps much better. As we know a picture can speak thousands of words, then think what an Info-graphic can do? If you don’t know what is Info-graphic I will suggest you use the Pinterest app and I hope you will like. About 45% of my traffic is from Social Media and 85% of social media traffic is from Pinterest. Now you can get the importance of Pinterest. Coming back to Canva it helps you to create free Info-graphic with some free templates, but as some template need to pay money you can avoid them if you find an alternative template. So wish you good luck and have a happy Info-graphic.

14. UnSplash: (Free Tool)

As we are talking about images and Info-graphics,  Unsplash may help you to create a visual effect by providing free Stock Images with free of Copyrights. You can signup and use their images which are free of copyrights and can be used in your website, business, Social Media without any copyright claim.
Top Essential Digital marketing Tools today
Top Essential Digital marketing Tools today


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