Top 10 Today’s Facts that You Think You Know About SEO That Are Actually Myths

Following are the Myths and Truth about SEO!

Myth: Great content is only all you need.
Truth: Great content is needed but without SEO your content is none of use, a Great Content or a nice content with a Good SEO combined brings Great result.
Myth: Google Hates SEO.
Truth: Google neither loves nor hates SEO, SEO is a key to Google bots so that it can read, index and Display your content to relevant query search by a user. 
What are the Myths and Truth about SEO?
What are the Myths and Truth about SEO?
Myth: You will Lose your rank if you use a low-level website for backlinks.
Truth: Back-links are old now but also important nowadays but just only your back-link is in a website which ranks below your website will not harm you. But if your website is having back-link in such a website which is SPAM or Google had noticed something wrong like it is used for increasing then your rank may get affected.
Myth: What is Guest Blogging post it is not much of my use.
Truth: Guest Blogging is an exchange of back-link and Content, Think if you have a great unique content and you ask for Guest Post on a highly rank website, then you are giving your content to their website and you will get a back-link to your website that content will point to your website. This helps both the host get content and you get quality Back-link.
Myth: Social Activity does not matter I will do SEO only.
Truth: As SEO is most important for getting indexed and rank in Search Engines, same way social publicity make you get noticed by Search Engines. Social Sharing, Comments, like and Branding helps you get more visitors from Social Media, and once Search Engine Notice this it rank your website above other websites having less popularity.
Myth: Length of Content do not matter to me.
Truth: Content-length is also somehow necessary to get noticed, as if you write in short then you are not giving a deep information which user might not like it, also by a point of SEO you are writing short means you are having less long tail keywords chances in your content and SEO might fail somehow.
But if you write long enough that user might like your content, and Long content can contain Longtail Keywords also. This does not mean that you must write long content and bore your audience. OK!
Myth: SEO is once done is DONE, SEO is only one-time Effort.
Truth: Wrong SEO is not a fixed task that is done once they don’t look back to it. But you need to improve your SEO as Search Engines changes their Algorithms, according to how your website content is changing and you are including new things. SEO is another name of IMPROVEMENT and it needs to DO-PLAN-CHECK-ACT(DO).
Myth: What are META tags, I think it does not matter to me…
Truth: META tags are part of SEO these helps to improve your SERP that is Search Engine Result Page. Adding Meta tags for each page you have makes more possibility of having your page result at top of Search Results.
Myth: SEO is only All Trick nothing is big than SEO.
Truth: Wrong SEO is not the only thing, but its a Key to attracting Search Engine attention. Rather than SEO you have Content to write, Social Media to get traffic, So don’t think SEO is all that you need.
Myth: SEO is dead now, I can not use SEO to rank my website.
Truth: One of the most popular myths about SEO that SEO is dead as Google has updated his algorithm and so Nobody will use SEO. Wrong totally wrong, SEO is like something that is not 100% for ranking or not 0% also in Ranking. It is a Key to attract Search Engine and to represent your website as you represent yourself by your Resume.
That’s all for today, If you think any of data given above is wrong please let us know and if you have any doubt about Digital Marketing then please let us know. Ask any doubt related to Digital Marketing.
Thank you.

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