How to post on Social Media for business? Guidelines for SMO posting

Why use Social Media Guidelines for business:

Social Media Guidelines are some rules that make your efforts to give a high amount of results in return. Using Social Media for your Business or Website Promotion is a practice which needs some study and planning to increase your ROI.

Today is the world of Digital Marketing, and we all use Social Media for Marketing rather than depending only on Search Engine and SEO. We also need to do SMO which is very useful, when you are new and as start-up traffic. I am also having 60% of traffic media from Social Media on my other website.

Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
So in this article, we are going to see how and which social media helps and those happy hours for that particular Social Media and some guidelines about them.

Here we are going to discuss below Social Media:

  1. Facebook

  2. LinkedIn

  3. Twitter

  4. Pinterest

  5. YouTube

  6. Instagram

  7. Quora

1. Facebook Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

As we have seen Facebook media is one of the most popular and most used media in the world. Around 2 billion people are daily active on Facebook and many of them use Facebook for their business purpose.
But while using Facebook for business, its kind of different thing where you have to consider many kinds of facts before doing anything on Facebook. Some of them are covered in the image following.
Facebook Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Facebook Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Above image is the set of some guidelines which are necessary while considering Facebook as a Media of SMO or Social Media Optimization.
Around daily 2 billion of active users makes Facebook a unique platform for business so its the only leading platform because the evolution has taken place by Facebook according to the developing technology and Policies.
Considering it for the business type then Facebook is compatible for around all type of business. According to the interest of people, online Facebook shows them Ads they want, for example,e you have visited trekking pages groups and your planning for it, then Facebook will automatically show you ads related to it, like for trekking essentials, shoes etc.
For Business to post and get more impression you can post in between 1 PM to 4 PM when most of the people are online.
Before you start on Facebook you need to have a Facebook account and for your company, you must have a Company Page/Business Page from which you can promote your stuff to your audience.
For engaging your audience you have to post regularly but when and how these are the considerable points that impact a lot on your post because Facebook Post life is just about 5 hrs and to get more traffic to try to post in between Thursday to Sunday when most of the people are online.
As you have to consider when to post then you have to get this in mind that how to post because only posting text, or the only image is not sufficient, Using Facebook you need to be so punctual and before posting check that you have added a correct image with enough text description with a call to action or landing page URL and then post it. Because posting like this will lead your customer to get out of the Facebook environment into your sales funnel.
Posting twice a day or 10 posts per week are average for any business to keep hammering your brand name on your customer mind. For text description, you have 63k char limit on Facebook which is a lot more than any popular social media. 
As there are many mobile user online today around 85% traffic lies on mobile then why don’t we consider them? Considering the mobile screen you must post your image which is not wide in nature so keeping the width small as possible then of height and try to use a 1:1 ratio image for the post.

2. LinkedIn Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

Linked is the fast-growing social media in particular B2B sector and is famous for most professional social media today. Around more than 180 Million people are daily active on this platform including companies and Employees.

LinkedIn Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
LinkedIn Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
While using LinkedIn you must have a LinkedIn account and for a company, you have to create a Company page to get connect with your customers. Here you can also create a group or join the same for the field which you work.

While working on Social Media keep in mind that just promoting you business is not worth until you try to solve problems and use emotional attachment while branding your business name.

For getting more engagement you need to follow some time schedule that you can post in Weekdays like except Friday it’s a busy weekend day and in between time of morning when everybody seems to be online in 7 to 9 AM and 1 to 5 PM. You can also choose your weekends like Saturday and Sunday for adding and sharing your old posts with some inspirational motivational or memes and much more rather than just business purpose this will also make your visibility to those who are still unknown to you.

LinkedIn is suitable for any business which is largely dependent upon the B2B sector because the major traffic here is just professionals and you will not get as many Benefits for B2C.

While posting anything you have options to link your account with Twitter means you can post on LinkedIn and Twitter account at same time to keep this in mind you need to manage your post in the proper manner like Image text description and the call to action link or Landing page link to get your customer attracted to your website.

As while posting only on LinkedIn, you have 2000 char limit but when you post include twitter then keep the character limit on Twitter and then post because the text limit exceeding tweeter guideline will not allow your full message to upload so be short as per both the char limit on Twitter and LinkedIn while posting together.

Post frequency on LinkedIn is not much high because here you need to post a quality post so that others will share it on their wall when they like this make you a free marketing just by posting the right content. As the lifespan for Post on LinkedIn is 24 hrs then if you post one post daily its sufficient for LinkedIn. Or just you can post on your company page and then share it on your wall from your account.

Using video or image content use Maxx width of 350px to get better visual on LinkedIn.

3. Twitter Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

Twitter is one of the top Social Media where you will find all popular people and their followers. Using Twitter is kind of difficult and different than other media because here you have some limitation and you need to be professional while doing your word here.

Twitter Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Twitter Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines

Twitter is one of the topmost listed social media with more than 300 Million Daily active visitors.
and here you will find much-branded people like film-stars, businessman and real accounts of most of the people.

Twitter is somehow different than other social media so to post here and spread the brand name you need to have a twitter account first and then a list which is known as a group in other social media.
The list will help you to see those content which is related to your business. And most of the time those people can see your post via that list it does not matter whether they follow you or not.

Likewise, other social media Twitter also have some peak time and days when most people are online and share their thoughts. The major impact of your post which is known as a tweet on Twitter, your tweet gets viral when more and more people retweet it.

The best time to post is 9 AM to 5 PM in a day and considering days in a week then for B2B market you can post in between Monday to Friday. And for B2C market you need to post your tweet on weekend and Wednesday. This timetable will save your much time Twitter and let you increase in Visitors impression.

Twitter is kindly useful for most of the business who wants to get popular at a state or national level it is very useful to create your own brand name. This doesn’t mean that others should not use it but I will suggest you will feel Facebook is better if you are not in this race.

How to tweet then you need to manage your words in a limit of 140 or sometimes 280 char. with the link of the landing page on twitter because the maximum text limit given here is only 280 char and while posting please use any informative image or video so you will engage more people. When you add hashtags use popular and relevant hashtags to increase your engagement with users.

Relevant and Popular #HashTags are the Key to success in social media post for getting more impressions.

Considering the size of an image then 5 MB image is accepted and maximum size is 506 x 253 PX maximum. To get better visual impact use 2: 1-pixel ratio image on twitter. While posting on Twitter manage your time to post as here your post lifespan is for 18 minutes and you must post up-to 5 post in a day to maintain your visibility here on twitter.

4. Pinterest Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

Considering Pinterest then this media is new and unknown to many people because it is quite different than other but while we consider it for traffic consideration and post lifespan then I think this will beat Facebook soon.
Pinterest Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:
Pinterest Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:
In 2017 Pinterest crossed its own daily active users threshold of 200 Million Daily Active Users. And now is being more and more popular as its simple to post and share than other and the lifespan for a post is 45 days which is much more.
To use Pinterest you need to have a Pinterest personal account or a Business account. Using Business account is better because it provides free analytical reports to you.
As in Pinterest we just use image GIF and Video files to post likewise in Facebook we call a post but in Pinterest, we called it as a Pin, and every Pin is saved in a Board which is like a Folder that is same like a file manager. When you post or Pin Photo in a board then people who follow you or don’t follow you can see it just because of you both are having the same interest, there is no condition to follow somebody to see their Pin’s. But if you want to keep it secret then change the privacy of that Board to Secret. 

Pinterest is somehow suitable for all business who can create an info-graphic image for their users, in between that you can share your offer poster images along with your landing page URL to attract them.

It is quite simple that when you provide any solution or value to people they follow you and you can sell them your service by gaining their trust is called as branding.

Unlikely other Social Media’s I think Pinterest is a B2C type Social Media where your audience is online on weekends or on Friday to Sunday in between 8 PM to 12 AM. It is possible that people also use Pinterest in Daytime but they are so rare.

Here you can post the combination of Image/Video/GIF with the Description of maximum 500 char text with a separate box given for landing page URL, which is quite impressive rather than other social media. You can directly add any link and then choose one image from that link this is also a different factor which makes Pinterest unique.

There is no fixed size for an image here you can add a square image or a long page image with lots of information called Info-graphic, and the image quality must be high in case of Info-graphic to get clear information. To get more traffic you need to post as much as possible in starting time once you full your Boards with at-least 40 pins each then you can post 3 to 4 pins daily and make your Brand name popular.

5. YouTube Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

YouTube is second top social media in the world for getting high popularity, around 1.8 people are daily active on YouTube. Low-cost Internet and fast speed made YouTube reach this level. Nowadays there are several channels which were opened a decade ago but getting popular now, just because of Internet power. You can use YouTube for Video marketing your brand and share knowledge about your services.
YouTube Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
YouTube Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
You are quite confusing that YouTube is not likely to be used for my business or How to use YouTube for my business? Then I will say Its easy just search for popular brands in your field of business and learn how they market themselves. Nowadays there are so many people who are having lots of worth followers on their channels and you can use their popularity for your Business purpose.
YouTube is Suitable for almost all Business type who can connect their costumes via video message, You can promote your business for free using YouTube and by Paying Money as a Sponsor to any branded channel or by Putting your video ads on YouTube.
I will suggest to take some time and make your own YouTube channel, this will take time but create a long-lasting effect. Once you started with good content videos, which helps people and then you gain trust after you can promote your product or service.
YouTube is used every day in between time span of 1 PM to 4 PM and from Thursday and Friday for All Day YouTube has more active users. You can Post in this time period and it might happen that user gets your video to watch as a fresh video. Youtube Post life is about 30 days is more than sufficient.
You can post Video or an Image on YouTube with Text limit of 100 char in Title but using 70 char limit is good for getting attracted. Then you can add description and hashtags to your video. Using a catchy Title and thumbnail is key to increase the views but to get loyal visitors you need to stick with the Title and Thumbnail you have used.
Uploading on YouTube is limitless as you can upload an 11 Hours video with Maxx 128 GB size absolutely for free.

The Live streaming option in YouTube, Instagram, Facebook made social media more trustworthy people in upcoming days will get more attached with this live streaming as it creates an similar impact like News does.

6. Instagram Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

Keeping down track after Facebook and YouTube, Instagram will rank with 800 Million Daily Active users. It is quite popular in image and video sharing Social Media Category. Less text More Image and Hashtags, Instagram just got famous after its story concept. Now it has updated with a new feature of IGTV where you can upload long videos and go Live as a TV.
Instagram Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Instagram Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
To use Instagram you need an Instagram account either personal or business account, you can manage multiple accounts using a single app. I will prefer Business Account as it provides you analytical report for your work. Instagram Post life is about 24 hours is more than some Social media.
Instagram is suitable for any Business but using it for Technical, Health Care, Entertainment, Automobile, Fashion, E-commerce these businesses will rapidly grow here as their images impact a lot than other, I will say if your business is well expressed in Image or short video then go for Instagram.
Instagram Users are highly active on Tuesday to Friday from 9 Am to 2 PM that means if you can welcome a Good Morning to your visit with your message then you are a great Instagram Business User.

To keep your eye and brand your product in Instagram Users you need to post daily  min 2 to max 10 posts or photos of your brand including some images which help people to gain some knowledge related to your product or service and why should they buy it and buy it from you only.

Along with the Photo and Video in your Post, you can add text description up-to 2200 char limit and include hashtags. To post Image the size is just 1:1 for better visual impact but you can post any size image just it will get the crop. Considering in Pixel rate keep 2048 x2 048 PX Image size as Maxx.

7. Quora Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines:

Quora is somehow different than other social media it is not necessary that you use this but if you can create a brand value here you can create it anywhere. It is very challenging to keep your brand power up here with very fewer benefits. Fewer benefits in the sense as you will not allow posting your landing page link here so you will not get direct traffic from here. Either you can leave it or Help those who are having trouble in your field of interest and business by answering their question and this will increase your predictability on Quora and hence your Brand value.
Quora Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
Quora Social Media Happy Hours and Guidelines
As there are daily 100 Million Daily Active Users on Quora they are highly active at Monday and Thursday in between 12 PM to 6 PM so you can decide when to help them and when to promote your brand.
Quora is quite useful for a Business type like Educational, Technology, Science, Fashion etc. such that a field where your customer can have lots of doubt about your services and product where you can solve their problem and gain their trust on you.
There is no limit you can post on Quora but at-least try to answer 2 to 3 questions on high traffic day given above so it will increase your answer visibility, and hence your impression too. As considering the text limit then the question should be in 150 char and in detail 300 char. max. if you like to post an image on it then try to post the image with the width less than 600 PX
This is it we have covered some top Social Media here if you like please share to your friend and like us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Follow us on Pinterest.

For any query please ask in a comment and I will try my best to answer to you.

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