Digital Marketing 11 Strategy Key Elements for 2018

As of now you are looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy it means you know much more about it if not then you can start our course from this What is Digital Marketing?

If you have some kind of idea that how Digital Marketing works and what is done using Digital Marketing, then you must read this article to know how to plan and grow your Digital Marketing for your Business and Website.

After reading all about Digital Marketing you learn a lot of things that you are not aware before this time and now this is the right time to apply your knowledge. “Digital Marketing Strategy includes the key Elements that you have learned and the way you use them for your or any other organization is called a Digital Marketing Strategy.”
Digital Marketing 11 Strategy Key Elements for 2018
Digital Marketing 11 Strategy Key Elements for 2018

Image above describes a short analysis about What are those 11 Key Elements for Digital Marketing in 2018 to be applied while using for your Organization.

Digital Marketing 11 Strategy Key Elements are

  1. Goals and Objectives

  2. Identify your Customers

  3. Identify your Competitors

  4. Decide the Role for your team

  5. Setup design for your Online Presence

  6. Do SEO and SEM

  7. Social Media use

  8. Content Marketing

  9. Mobile Marketing

  10. Email Marketing

  11. Measure and Analyse your work

So let’s get started with our Elements and see how to use them for your better result in this year so to get full optimize the use of Digital Marketing.

1. Goal and Objective Setting:

Every work begins with some goal and objectives, with their KPI key performance indexes. You have to set your achievements that after working this much you will achieve it and then you can go further for another goal.
The setting goal does not mean you are setting boundaries but you are setting your steps towards your big goal by setting small goals.
Goals and Objectives for Digital Marketing
Goals and Objectives for Digital Marketing
As you can see in the image above to achieve your goal how your objective should be. Set your objective which is realistic means it is possible to do, it is measurable, specific, achievable or not for that you can choose a small objective which can help to achieve easily. Is your objective time bounded or not or you are just working and working and you are still on your first step. All these factors are used and applicable for getting your goals within your time span.
This formula is applicable to any work you do just you have to think about your objectives in that way.

2. Identify Your Customer:

Now I have been asked by many people that what kind of point is this? Every person is your customer you just go and ask them. right!!!
Wrong! because pitching to everybody and trying to sell your product to every person might bring your confidence low and your pitch to low confidence.
Identify your Customers
Identify your Customers
Identify your Potential Customer by taking a survey inside your office and outside your office, like what service you are offering what needs you are full filling and what is the main product you are focusing on. Likewise outside the office how your product is effective? which age you are targeting? For which gender your product is suitable if its like for boys then its obvious that many girls are not interested.
Again there are so many facts that define your customers according to the services you are providing like is your product is based on B2B or B2C or both. Targeting your specific customers brings you high ROI and fewer efforts.

3. Identify Your Competitors:

Business is a play whatever you think it, take it as a war or a Game you have to study your Competitors. The very first thing to know is that how difficult is your business for newcomers. How good are those who are already working in the field you are working, those competitors will help you to go ahead? Find out what strategy they are using to stay ahead in Digital Presence and what you can do to beat them.
Identify your competitors and plan accordingly
Identify your competitors and plan accordingly

Because it is not important who start first, but to win the race it is important who work better and fast

Let’s take an example its not about digital marketing but it will help you. The big telecom evolution is done by JIO they analyze the market need, they analyze their Competitors and they know it is really hard to come into that field and compete them so by this they start in last but finish to win.
Hope you are getting my example same you can do by using your Digital Marketing skills. Most of us do competitor analysis and work accordingly, but sometimes some of us feel shame to analyze their competitor and work what they are working on and waste their own time in their own research and development.

Rather I believe in Nobody is interested how you worked hard but everyone is interested what results you bring and how you can help them

 4. Decide Role for your Team:

Create a list of your team and assign work to each of them, decide who will be responsible for which task. This will increase their responsibilities and they will get a chance to prove themselves. The skill set is the key factor here. Who is having the great skill set will get the related work and this brings maximum output through your team?
Decide the role for your team
Decide the role for your team
Identifying and assigning the task is a very difficult task as you have to do it for your success and teamwork brings maximum efforts. If you take all the rights and responsibilities to yourself then it might happen that your teammate may not work as hard as if you delegate your responsibility to him.
Delegating work responsibilities is better because you are not just making you free from the load but you are also creating a new great leader who can drive your another team on the new project and you are free to do lots of another work for your business to grow.

5. Setup design for your Online Presence:

To use Digital Marketing you have to become Digital that is you need to create your business online presence that will represent your business on the Internet and you can communicate with your customers. Your online presence includes your company website, social media accounts, online directory submission, google map submission etc.
Setup design for your Online Presence
Setup design for your Online Presence
As we discussed above to create a team and delegate the task and responsibilities, then same your team can work on how your online presence can help your business to attract customers. If you are a small scale business and looking for a website on the low budget then I can help you just contact me here.
As your office can influence your customers visiting there same when any visitor visits your website they must get influence and become your customer for a lifetime. To do so you need to have creative minds and technical team. This combination can bring you an effective looking and fast loading website which is the need of today’s world.
Your website should include these facts: Fast loading pages, Visible and readable text, language according to the region, easy to use to navigate, contact info, contact form, subscribe using email opt-in for your visitors, About US page, Portfolio of work, teamwork page, service provided page. These all are some of the important pages and things to have on a business website which helps a visitor to become your customer.

6. Do SEO and SEM:

Learn SEO and SEM from College of Digital Marketing and if you have a dedicated team for your business then you can design your website along with that after the website is done do these things for SEO. For on-page SEO research and write meta keywords related to your business, while doing research choose low competition and high CTR keywords which will help you to rank.
More in on page SEO you can add meta description which can describe better about your business, later then you can interlink your web-pages so that there will be no navigation problem and the visitor will love to use your website. Then look for sitemap in XML and HTML format to show your website structure.
do SEO and SEM for your business website
Do SEO and SEM for your business website
After on-page SEO is done you can go for off page SEO here you submit your website in Webmaster of GOOGLE and BING with XML sitemap and then the online directories like Just Dial and much more same like a telephone directory. In off page SEO, you can also write your company blog to attract new visitors and educate with the right things, this will increase your visitor’s number and along with it your website rank. And once you rank in early pages you get more chance to have online customers connected.
As a bonus add your company location to Google Maps so that you will improve your Local SEO and customer near you will find you right that time they need you. Also, submit your website to Google Analytics to measure your efforts in form of output charts/reports you want.
If you know about SEM then let me remind you difference between SEO and SEM is just if you do lots of Good efforts on SEO then when you pay for Advertisement Campaign to Search engine like GOOGLE then it called SEM search engine marketing and it is only worth your investment if you have really worked hard for your website.
SEO and SEM results for any website
SEO and SEM results for any website
As shown in the above image you can see the difference between SEO and SEM that is Free and Paid Search Results on Google search page respectively.

7. Social Media Use:

Social Media use that is called now SMO and SMM that is Social Media Optimization and Marketing respectively. Here you use popular social media to influence your visitors/customers and get your business to them. In this method you can use your company name pages groups or take help of those who have huge reach into public, is also called influence marketing.
Nowadays social media marketing also plays an absolute big role in Digital Marketing and you need to be on social media to stay connected with your customers.
Using social media for your business
Using social media for your business
Social Media is now providing more and more opportunities in the digital world and their competition had made business easy to use many services for free. You can use social media for connecting with new customers, sending offers to current customers and help you can also use social media as of your Customer service option.
To read more about how social media can help your business go to our SMO article.

You can do anything but not everything

As you can choose any social media but not every social media, each social media has its own audience type, you can choose your social media platform by taking the survey and identify where your audience stay or spend more time.
It is good to work where your efforts make some worth or otherwise you will keep doing hard work and your competitor take your customer. To play smart choose proper social media suitable for your business whether you like it or not, then plan your posts, schedule them and track their records.
Social Media also help you to keep looking on your ORM online reputation management, if somebody for example from your customer is not satisfied and he posted bad about your company then you can answer him and maintain your online reputation.

8. Content Marketing:

Content Marketing is a major part for Digital World today if anybody can understand and like what you write, or make a video (a content is anything that is used for spreading information, for example, your content can be anything -writing, Images, audio, video ).
Writing skills are key performance here if I’m writing and you are not understanding or you are not liking what I write about then it’s not up to the mark so I will try to improve and then write as per the feedback is given by my readers. For that what I have to do is I have to ask you and you have to give your opinion in the comment box so that I can provide my best content skills.
Content marketing is important for any online business
Content marketing is important for any online business
Same you can hire a content writer and write for people who belong to your business community, then start a community by which you can solve their problems and in that you will gain their trust and a person with trust can sell their service to any customer, as any business is also based on Trust factor.
Content can be in Writing like Blog writing, Article writing, or Images like Infographics and audio like podcasts or last but not least the videos most effective today and liked by more people. Video content can convey most of your message and feelings behind that message in one time.
We use our content on websites, blogs, social media etc. and none of our content is waste somehow if you are truly helping someone then it is worth for making content and sharing it.

9. Mobile Marketing:

Today as comparing to desktop users there are 86% of Mobile users who search anything they need from Mobile rather than searching from laptop or PC. So now you can get this point how much it is important to target people via mobile marketing.
targeting customers using Mobile Marketing
targeting customers using Mobile Marketing
But mobile marketing will only work if your landing pages or whole website of your business is compatible with a mobile device. If your website is not compatible then it is waste of time and money to spend it on Mobile marketing and targeting People/customers via Mobile Marketing.
You can target your customers by using the SEM method or SMM method, in both cases, you have to spend some money and get your customer to your website. You can use bulk SMS system, Location-based ads on Map, search ads as shown in SEO and SEM, App based ads on play store if you have a company app then you can use this, or you can display your website Ad on another related app, In-game Ads are shown in free games to game users, web ads are those ads shown on blogs or related monetized websites. there one more ad type that is video ads or banner ads shown on online streaming videos.
Most of the services are provided by Google Ads you can take their services for banner ads, In-game ads, video ads web ads etc. or you can simply use social media and their advertisements like Facebook ads, linked ads etc.

10. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is used from so old time, it is like the core of Digital Marketing and gives more than 100% ROI that is a return on investment.
Using Email Marketing for your business
Using Email Marketing for your business
Email Marketing has been effective for a long time when you have your customer database that is email id but given by them. Here is one condition for earning more than 100% ROI is not to buy customer database and try to get email ids from your customer, show them your work your faith so that they can trust you to give their email ids.
As I have shared in one of the above points that you can use Opt-in subscribing by email button that button can help you to collect email ids. If you are new and want to collect data fast then you can offer them some free service or free content so that in exchange of sign up or subscription you will give them a free content or service and get their email ids. This is one of the valid technique of collecting email from your visitors.
After collecting emails, you can send promotional emails according to the customer type, that I have shared in know your customer point. You can also send Transaction Emails after successful purchase is done, and some offer a coupon on festivals or to attract first-time customers. To read in detail visit our another article Email Marketing.

11. Measure and Analyse Your Work:

All the work is done above and efforts taken should get measure somewhere, and this measured numbers will going to help in further improvement. So how can we measure it? its simple, by attaching your website to Google Analytics where you can measure all necessary stats about your website and analyze the efforts taken and work done in numbers or charts.
Work analysis for your company Digital marketing
Work analysis for your company Digital marketing
For social media, every social media provides their own analytics if you use it from the business account. There is an online application available which helps you to get all stats data under one window so if you want everything under one window search for that and get one good app.
Work analysis is a necessary part of any work done in any company for Digital Marketing it is Either using Google Analytics to learn how to use it you can visit our article What is Google Analytics?
That’s all thanks for reading and please let me know how you feel if you like it then please like share and comment below so it will help me in improving my articles.

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